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from January 1st to December 31st, 2003

DARC-District Wuerttemberg
50 Years

The German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) e.V., district Wuerttemberg publishes this jubilee diploma on the occasion of its 50th year of existence, which can be applied by radio amateurs and accordingly by SWLs.

The diploma applicant must fulfill the following conditions with QSOs in the year 2003 (from January 1st, 2003 to December 31st, 2003):

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1. With a letter from the suffix of amateur radio stations the following words are to be formed "50 Jahre Distrikt Wuerttemberg". For the number "50" take numbers from the prefix.
2. Every stations count once per band.
3. Every QSL from a SWL station also counts.
4. All bands and modes are accepted without packet radio.
5. The diploma is given in 3 classes, working:
A: only with stations from the district of Württemberg,
B: only german stations,
C: stations worldwide.

Stations of the district Wuerttemberg have the following DOKs: P 01 - P 61 and also Z 17, Z 18, Z 46, Z 48, Z 49, Z 55, Z 58, Z 66, Z 68.

Please send your award application with a extraction of your log and the fee of 5 Euro (€) or 6 US-Dollar ($) to:

Michael Burgmaier, DH8BM (DIG 4976)
Heudorfer Str. 9
D-88521 Ertingen

(April 2003, from DH8BM. The diploma is 210 x 297 mm largely, it is a four-colored print on 220 gram, white photographic paper. It is framed with the colors of Wuerttemberg and shows in the center a laurel ring with the words "50 years P". The certificate was recognized on the club-meeting DARC in May, 2003)

The award ig going QRT to 31.12.2006.

Here are the award conditions as PDF-file.
You can download it easily with right mouse-click and "Save As".
You find informations about outgoing diplomas here.
Here are a list of all diplomas released by the DARC local group in Wuerttemberg.
And a list of all diplomas released by me.